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Would you rather be a fan of the Blue Jays or the Braves?

Pool poll time.

Unfortunately I couldn't find any sad Braves pics.
Unfortunately I couldn't find any sad Braves pics.
Stephen Dunn

Last night the Dodgers came from behind in the eighth inning to beat the Atlanta Braves 4-3 to win an NLCS berth. The Braves, who have made the playoffs 17 times (1991-1993, 1995-2005, 2010, 2012, 2013) since 1991, were eliminated again. In that stretch, they have pretty much been in contention every single year, but yet they have only won one World Championship (in 1995). They haven't made the NLCS in seven playoff appearances, and they haven't won the National League title since 1999.

Their entire franchise which was founded in 1871, have won just three championships. One in Boston (1914), one in Milwaukee (1957), and one in Atlanta (1995). In contrast, the Blue Jays have only been around since 1977 and have won two (1992 and 1993).

Take away the franchises' identities, geographical location, history, logos, players, and such. All things equal, would you rather be a fan of a team like the Braves, who have been in it nearly every single year for over two decades but have only won once, or a team like the Blue Jays, who won twice in a row before two decades of missing the postseason? Which one is more fun? Which one is more heartbreaking?

In other words: would you trade the 1992 and 1993 championships for a 1995 championship plus years of contention?

For me, I would certainly rather be a fan of a team like the Braves even though they never go all the way. Being excited about your team's prospects in September is a feeling that I desperately want to feel again. I think that the joy of contention would dull any pain from being eliminated in the postseason. But that's me. What do you think?