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Blue Jays Sign Three Minor League Free Agents


The Blue Jays have signed three minor league free agents Michael Broadway, Jonathan Diaz and Marcus Walden, and all three get invites to the Major League spring training camp.

Broadway is a 26 year old, RHP, who pitched in the Nationals system last year, getting a 2.45 ERA between AA and AAA. 12 walks and 40 strikeouts in 40.1 innings. He was a 4th round pick by the Braves in 2005.

Diaz returns to the Jays system after spending last year at Triple-A Pawtucket, in the Red Sox system. He had 4 at bats with the Sox. at Triple-A he hit .253/.358/.316. He was a 12th round pick for the Jays in 2006. He's 28 now.

Walden was a 9th round pick by the Jays in 2007 and has been with the team since Last year he was 6-14 with a 3.71 ERA, 50 walks and 88 strikeouts in 162.1 innings.