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Monday Bantering: Cabrera, Sierra and raising payroll

Leon Halip

There is a bunch of little bits of  Blue Jay newsish stuff out there, but I don't feel like stretching any one of them into a post:

  • Shi Davidi reports that Alex Anthopoulos said Melky Cabrera is looking "great" in his rehab. In reality, Alex can't say anything else, he's not going to come out and say 'stick a fork in him, Melky is done'. Alex doesn't mention if Melky is running at all yet. That would be nice to know.
  • In the same post, Shi tells us that Moises Sierra is taking ground balls at first base. Since he's out of options, it isn't a bad idea to find more uses for him. He's not exactly graceful in the outfield, but then it would seem that since his arm is his best tool on defense, playing first might be a waste. With Rajai Davis likely leaving as a free agent, Moises and Anthony Gose have an open 4th outfielder spot to compete for.
  • Over in the Sun, Steve Buffery tells us that Alex confirmed that Alex will have more money to spend on payroll. There is no suggestion of what the spending limit will be, but:

Anthopoulos wouldn't confirm what free-agent starters he'll pursue, but the names Ubaldo Jimenez, Matt Garza, Scott Kazmir and Bronson Arroyo have been kicked around.

Oh, not Bronson Arroyo, please.

He also quotes Alex as saying they 'are open' to using Dustin McGowan as a starter.

  • Buffery also says the Jays could be in on Masahiro Tanaka too. I'd rather not get my hopes up, let's be happily surprised, instead of bitterly disappointed.
  • At Gregor Chisholm takes a look at 9 Jays who are out of options: Dustin McGowan, Esmil Rogers, Todd Redmond, Sergio Santos, Jeremy Jeffress, Brad Lincoln, Brett Cecil, Luis Perez and Moises Sierra. I gotta figure Lincoln is gone, Redmond maybe he'll clear waivers.
  • Minor Leaguer sent me this link, Ted Barris talking about his book 'The Great Escape, A Canadian Story'..