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Are the Blue Jays trading J.P. Arencibia to the Phillies?

Rob Carr

It looks like this isn't true:

So, ummmm yeah, my bad for passing it on.

The rumors out of Philadelphia keep coming.

Last night it was that Jose Bautista was being traded to Philly, this morning it is J.P. Arencibia that is on his way to the 'City of Brotherly Love':

Ignore the misspelling of JP's name. No word on who might be coming this way, but then again, who cares, addition by subtraction.

As always, when one of these rumors makes it to the media, it makes me think there is no chance it will happen. Alex Anthopoulos is very closed mouth about these things, but then maybe the Phillies front office likes to talk?

This is the second catcher rumor from Philadelphia this morning. Earlier Howard Eskin (you remember him from last night's rumor) tweets this:

Do I believe it? No, but it is nice to think that we'll have a better catcher next year. There was a rumor that Ru.iz had a two-year, $10 million per offer. Ken Rosenthal thought that offer was from the Red Sox, but maybe he was wrong, maybe it was the Jays.

Ruiz wasn't great last year, hitting .268/.320/.368 but that's massively better than JP.

I think we are in for an interesting off-season.