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Today in Blue Jay History: Frank Thomas, Melky Cabrera signed

Melky signed one year ago today.
Melky signed one year ago today.

Seven Years Ago Today: As slitheringslider told us, the Blue Jays signed Frank Thomas to a contract, 2 years plus an option. He only made it a year and a month. His 2007 season was very good, 277/.377/480 with 26 home runs and 95 RBI. 2008 didn't start well and he wasn't thrilled with the team when they decided to sit him, mostly because he needed to get to a certain number of PA to get the vesting option on his contract. The thing that surprises me is that Bluebird Banter was around 7 years ago!

Six Years Ago Today (well six years ago Monday really): Achengy reported that the Jays traded Kristian Bell and Graham Godfrey to get Marco Scutaro from the Oakland A's. Kristian would go on to play Veronica Mars, on TV, but neither he or Godfrey would do much in the majors. Scutaro would play short and leadoff for us and become a favorite of ours.

Three Years Ago Today: The rumor was that Manny Ramirez might sign with the Jays. I was all for it, as was 82% of the people that voted in our poll.

One Year Ago Today: We were still waiting for the Marlins trade to be completed. I wondered which of the 4 catchers, Arencibia, d'Arnaud, Buck and Wilson, that we had then, would be traded. I was wrong to think that only one would be gone. The only one left, when the dust cleared, was JP. I also thought we could use a left fielder.....

A bit more than 3 hours later, Minor Leaguer posted the news that we had signed Melky Cabrera. The post had 911 very happy comments.

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