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Jose Bautista 'available'?


This was in Nick Cafardo's column in the Boston Globe today:

6. Jose Bautista, RF, Blue Jays - Rumors that Bautista could be dealt for pitching have persisted for a couple of offseasons but the Blue Jays haven't wanted to break up the Bautista-Edwin Encarnacion dynamic in the middle of the order. The Jays are desperate for at least two starting pitchers and dealing Bautista may land them one. "It's a name we're hearing through backchannels right now, but wouldn't be surprised if he's available" said an NL general manager. Bautista was one of Farrell's personal favorites in Toronto, however it's doubtful the Blue Jays would deal within the division - even though the Red Sox have extra pitching.

I think everyone is always available, if the deal is right, but to trade Bautista would open a hole in the middle of the batting order and in right field, so you'd have to get something very good back.

And no, he will not be traded to the Red Sox. That one I'm sure about.

What would you want to get in return for Jose?