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The Season That Was: Casey Janssen

Tom Szczerbowski

Casey Janssen has been just the model of consistency, over the past 4 years,  for the Jays. In 2012, after Francisco Cordero failed miserably, they finally settled on Janssen as closer. He did great, saving 22 games, with 3 blown saves.

This year he started the season with the closer's job. We had a poll asking who would have the most saves, Casey or Sergio Santos. 62% were right.

2013 31 4 1 2.56 56 44 34 52.2 39 15 3 13 50 2 160 6.7 0.5 2.2 8.5 3.85
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Generated 11/18/2013.

He had 2 blown saves and 1 hold.

Fangraphs has him at a 1.3 WAR, giving him a $6.5 million value to the Jays.

Casey's FIP was 2.74, xFIP 3.09. His BABIP was .254, up a bit from his .240 in 2012.

His strikeout rate was down a little from 2012 (8.54/9 innings, down from 9.47). Walks were up (2.22/9, up from 1.55). Home run rate down (0.51/9, down from 0.99).

He gave up about the same amount of line drives (22.5%, up from 21.3). Ground balls were up (47.9%, up from 42.5). Fly balls down (29.6%, down from 36.3). Fewer of the fly balls left the park (7.1%, down from 12.1). Fewer fly balls and fewer of them leaving the park is a good combination.

A right-handed pitcher, he was better vs. RHB (.135/.188/.270) than LHB (.244/.300/.319).

Not surprisingly, he was better on the road (1.13 ERA, .153/.200/.224) than at home (3.77, .241/.300/.361).

By month:

April: 1.00 ERA, 7 saves, batters hit .100/.100/.100 in 9 innings.

May: 3.38 ERA, 4 saves, batters hit .200/.226/.367 in 8 innings.

June: 1.86 ERA, 2-0, 6 saves, batters hit .182/.243/.273 in 9.2 innings.

July: 3.52 ERA, 2-0, 1 save, batters hit .200/.333/.267 in 7.2 innings.

August: 4.22, 0-1, 8 saves, batters hit .302/.354/.442 in 10.2 innings.

September: 1.17, 8 innings, batters hit .185/.214/.296 in 7.2 innings.

A pretty consistent season, there weren't many saves to be had in July. Considering he had a sore shoulder, most of the year, he was pretty good.

Casey has always been a favorite around here. I figured he would be traded at the deadline. Then I figured he'd be traded this off-season. As a fan, I hope he stays around, I like watching him. But I think he is one of our better trade chips. We have plenty of guys that could handle the closer role, if we can get something for Casey, we should, but I would miss him.