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Poll Time: Will the Blue Jays Give Josh Johnson a Qualifying Offer?

Josh Johnson
Josh Johnson
Jonathan Moore

The deadline for the decision to give Josh Johnson a qualifying option, or not, is November 4, two days away. So let's have a poll, 'will the Jays give Josh Johnson a qualifying offer?'. Not should they, we can argue that in the comment thread.

The Jays have said that they would see how the surgery to remove the bone chips went. I'm taking it for granted that the surgery went well, it always does.

I think they will make the offer. I know $14.1 million is a lot of money, but I think they make that offer. I think they would be happiest if he turned it down, but they know he won't.

I really don't think they want to take the chance that he goes to free agency, signs with say the Yankees, and goes back to being the pitcher he was before 2013.