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Blue Jays discussed Matt Kemp?

Can you imagine him in a Blue Jays uniform?
Can you imagine him in a Blue Jays uniform?

Shi Davidi, as he so often does, gives us a little bit of news that I hadn't seen before:

Yet during the winter meetings, the Los Angeles Dodgers discussed outfielder Matt Kemp with them, according to sources. The idea isn't believed to have gained any traction at all-Kemp has six seasons remaining on his $160-million, eight-year deal, which is beyond the Blue Jays' maximum of five-year commitments-but that it was raised at all indicates the kind of bold thinking GMs are engaging in right now.

This comes in the middle of a story telling us that baseball GM's are discussing bigger trades than the had been over the last few years, using the Fielder-Kinsler trade as an example.

Now, Alex talks about everyone. Honestly, if Shi instead found a player that Anthopoulos hasn't inquired about, that might be a bigger story. As he points out, talks didn't go far. I can't imagine what the Jays would give back to get Kemp. There are rumors that the Yankees and other teams are interest in Kemp too.

But the interesting part is that the Jays are looking to make a big move this winter and maybe they have to make a big move to get the interest of the fanbase again. A year ago we were very excited about the team, at the moment, well I shouldn't speak for the rest of you, but personally, they are going to have to do a fair bit of work to make me think they will be somewhere near competitive this year. Or even fun to watch.

Anyway, it is good to see that Alex is thinking big. Let's hope something happens. I'm tired of talking about rumors that have very little chance of happening.