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2014 Blue Jays giveaways pale in comparison to Giants' offerings

Once again the Blue Jays come up short with their giveaways.

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Spo

Going to baseball games is about watching the game, not getting giveaways, but it'd sure be nice to start getting some creative Blue Jays giveaways down at the Rogers Centre. This year, the Blue Jays will be giving out three bobblehead dolls, but the players featured on them have not been announced yet.

Giveaway Quantity Game
Rally Towel and Magnet Schedules 45,000 April 4 vs Yankees
Mystery bobblehead #1 20,000 April 27 vs Red Sox
Replica "Blue" Blue Jays Jersey Giveaway 20,000 May 25 vs A's
Blue Jays Cowboy Hat 20,000 June 1 vs Royals
Mystery bobblehead #2 20,000 June 8 vs Cardinals
Blue Jays team card set 25,000 June 11 vs Twins
Fan Vote T-Shirt 15,000 June 24 vs Yankees
Blue Jays visor 20,000 June 29 vs White Sox
Red Blue Jays bucket hat 20,000 July 1 vs Brewers
Blue Jays Tumbler Cup Giveaway 20,000 July 20, vs Rangers
Downloadable Music Card 20,000 July 23 vs Red Sox
Fan Vote T-Shirt 15,000 August 5 vs Orioles
Replica Blue Jays batting practice hat 20,000 August 10 vs Tigers
Mystery bobblehead #3 20,000 August 24 vs Rays
Jr. Jays Poster All kids 14 and under August 30 vs Yankees
Blue Jays Long Sleeve Baseball Shirt 20,000 August 31 vs Yankees
Blue Jays Warm Winter Hat 20,000 Septmeber 28 vs Orioles

  • In the home opener, the rally towel will be given away upon entrance, and the magnet schedule will be given away at the exit to stop folks from tossing them onto the field.
  • The replica jersey giveaway day will be fun: since each jersey will feature a player, fans will run around trading with each other to get one of their favourite player.
  • The two "fan vote t-shirts" will be given away on "Connect with the Blue Jays night," a "fun social media night for fans who follow the Blue Jays with in-stadium giveaways all game long." The old Blackberry Tweeting Tuesday events are gone.
  • The visor and bucket hat giveaways on the same weekend marks the Canadian holiday of Dorky Headwear Weekend.
  • End of an era: no Mr. Sub giveaways this year. For a long time they sponsored a sports bag giveaway, then last year it became a cooler bag, and this year the promo is gone.

Overall, very vanilla and blah giveaways. There's not a lot of creativity, a lot of them seem like bland swag corporations order for tradeshows. For a good list of giveaways, just look at the San Francisco Giants (they've only released their first-half schedule). In the first month they will be giving away a calendar, two bobbleheads (Hunter Pence and Duane Kuiper!), a scarf, a sports bag, a sports sleeve (for kids), a magnet schedule, a 1954 replica World Series ring (!), and a replica bat (for kids). Another contrast is in non-cap headwear giveaways: the Giants are offering hipstery fedoras. And man, the Hello Kitty Giants plush doll on June 8!

Why can't the Blue Jays marketing department think of cool giveaways like: Munenori Kawasaki English phrasebook sponsored by Rosetta Stone, Redbull cans with Brett Lawrie's face on them, statuettes of Steve Delabar's elbow plate sponsored by Home Hardware, Andrew Stoeten beards sponsored by theScore, Colby Rasmus wigs sponsored by Gabi's, a St. John's Ambulance-sponsored Dustin McGowan first-aid kit, a Jeff Samardzija shark fin cap, and so on. So much potential!

But, maybe I'm being too negative. Those bucket hats couldn't be that bad, right?

I want to become a Giants fan.