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First trade of every offseason in Blue Jays history

Pat, standing.
Pat, standing.
Jim McIsaac

Aside from a few minor league free agent signings and picking up options, nothing of note has happened in Blue Jays land so far this offseason, and we being fans--and bloggers who have to come up with content--are getting impatient. Now, we're not asking for a move to be made just for the sake of making one, but please could we have a move to analyze?

The lack of news means that we need to dig into the history books to find something to write about. So here is a list of the dates of the first trade of every offseason in club history.

Date Club Obtained For
1976-11-05 Cleveland Alan Ashby, Doug Howard Al Fitzmorris
1977-12-06 St. Louis Tom Underwood, Victor Cruz Pete Vuckovich, John Scott
1978-11-27 Houston Mark Lemongello, Joe Cannon, Pedro Hernandez Alan Ashby
1979-11-01 New York (AL) Chris Chambliss, Paul Mirabella , Damaso Garcia Tom Underwood, Rick Cerone, Ted Wilborn
1980-12-12 New York (NL) Roy Lee Jackson Bob Bailor
1981-11-18 New York (AL) Aurelio Rodriguez Mike Lebo
1982-10-27 New York (AL) Tucker Ashford Conditional
1983-12-09 Seattle Bryan Clark Barry Bonnell
1984-12-08 Oakland Bill Caudill Dave Collins, Alfredo Griffin
1985 None
1987-02-02 Atlanta Craig McMurtry Damaso Garcia, Luis Leal
1987 None
1988 None
1989-12-17 Atlanta Ricky Trlicek Ernie Whitt, Kevin Batiste
1990-11-06 Atlanta Nate Cromwell Earl Sanders
1991 None
1992-12-08 California Luis Sojo Kelly Gruber
1994-03-29 Chicago (AL) Mike Huff Domingo Martinez
1994-11-18 Florida Scott Pace Eddie Zosky
1995-12-07 Philadelphia Paul Quantrill Howard Battle, Ricardo Jordan
1996-11-14 Pittsburgh Carlos Garcia, Orlando Merced, Dan Plesac Jose Silva, Jose Pett, Mike Halperin, Abraham Nunez, Craig Wilsom, Brandon Cromer
1997 None
1998-12-13 San Diego Joey Hamilton Woody Williams, Carlos Almanzar, Peter Tucci
1999-11-08 Los Angeles Pedro Borbon, Raul Mondesi Shawn Green, Jorge Nunez
2000-11-07 Chicago (AL) Scott Eyre Gary Glover
2001-12-07 Oakland Eric Hinske, Justin Miller Billy Koch
2002-11-16 Oakland Cory Lidle Mike Rouse, Chris Mowday
2003-11-18 Oakland Ted Lilly Bobby Kielty
2004-12-02 Cleveland John McDonald Thomas Mastny
2005-11-10 Detroit John McDonald Cash
2006 None
2007-11-18 Oakland Marco Scutaro Graham Godfrey, Kristian Bell
2009-02-10 San Diego Matt Bush Cash
2009-12-16 Philadelphia Kyle Drabek, Michael Taylor, Travis d'Arnaud Roy Halladay
2010-11-04 Colorado Miguel Olivo Cash
2011-11-04 Oakland Trystan Magnuson Cash
2012-10-21 Boston Mike Aviles David Carpenter, John Farrell

Looking at that list, we can see why Pat Gillick earned his "Stand Pat" nickname in the 1980s, having made no offseason trades in 1985, 1987, 1988, and 1991. Since Gillick, the Blue Jays have only had two no-trade offseasons: 1997 (of course that year, Gord Ash signed Roger Clemens on December 13), and 2006 (in that offseason, J.P. Riccardi focused on signing free agents Royce Clayton, Gregg Zaun, and Frank Thomas in November, and signing the seven-year extension with Vernon Wells).

shere are some upcoming events where there may be some happenings. Monday, December 2 is the deadline for the Blue Jays to tender contracts to arbitration-eligible players--I don't see the Blue Jays non-tendering anyone (despite Esmil Rogers being listed as a candidate on MLB Trade Rumors) but perhaps they could pick someone up. December 5 is the last day to designate players for assignment before the Rule 5, which will occur on December 12, the last day of the Winter Meetings which start on the 9th. The Winter Meetings is as good of a time as any to complete trades and sign free agents. But don't hold your breath on Jeff Samardzija--the Cubs are reportedly willing to wait for other clubs to fight over him, and Peter Gammons thinks that it might be February before he is moved.

Get us a cool Christmas present, Mr. Anthopoulos.