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I Link Therefore I Am Saturday Nov 30, 2013 Links

Fortunately there hasn't been much going on in Jays land or someone might wonder why the weekend links guy isn't doing his job (real job getting in the way.) However, he has managed to get off his butt and scrounge (and really scrounge) for links about the Jays this weekend.

Here's Anthony.  I really wanted to post a pic of Britta Perry in her squirrel costume but I couldn't find a legal one.
Here's Anthony. I really wanted to post a pic of Britta Perry in her squirrel costume but I couldn't find a legal one.
Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Spor


Blue Jays Notebook: Knuckleball hangover -
R.A. Dickey’s trademark pitch may have an unexpected impact on Blue Jays relievers. This week's Blue Jays notebook also includes notes on the market for starting pitchers and relievers.

Value of Jays' relievers could be on the rise -
Blue Jays GM Alex Anthopoulos isn’t worried about having to wait to upgrade the roster. He thinks the value of the relievers is only going to climb by playing it slow.

MLB off-season should soon gain momentum -
Dan Johnson remains the biggest addition of the Blue Jays' off-season so far. It's been really slow. But there are many reasons to believe that the market for trades and signings could pick up before long.

Jays' Gose heading to winter ball, after all -
Toronto Blue Jays outfielder Anthony Gose is headed to Venezuela in the coming days to play winter ball with Tiburones de La Guaira.

The Blue Jay Hunter: Parting with Prospects like Stroman and Sanchez
Everyone loves to hoard them, but nobody wants to part with them.

Blue Jays GM Alex Anthopoulos must create an immediate impact: Griffin | Toronto Star
The reason that Jays’ GM Alex Anthopoulos never had to worry about losing his job following a disappointing 75-win season was not the result of what he created on the field. Note: SIGH, he did last year Griff.


The Blue Jay Hunter: The Best Moustaches in Baseball: Part Five
Well, it's been a few years since the last installment of the best moustaches in baseball, but after a brief hiatus I've decided to reinstate the yearly tribute to the finest moustaches in baseball history.

Reports: The Nationals Asked D.C. To Buy Them A Roof For $300 Million
The math of stadium financing always seems to be addition. Nationals Park opened in 2008, and the $693 million ballpark was entirely paid for through public funding.

Todd Jones Does Not Believe Todd Jones Belongs In The Hall Of Fame
Todd Jones, who had a lengthy and perfectly respectable career as a reliever, has some thought on his appearing on the Hall of Fame ballot.

When Walk Years Don’t Work | FanGraphs Baseball
The theory goes that some players can turn it on in the final years of their existing contracts on their way to free agency. The data say otherwise, as both writers and teams, have discovered. Note: Jays fans know this well... so does Josh Johnson.


The Best Squirrel-Related Headline Of The Week
The best in at least a week, maybe more. It's just tremendous: "Scunthorpe fans asked not to dress as squirrels for Alan Knill return."


Baseball History November 30th - National Pastime - Baseball History
2009 TBS spokesman Jeff Pomeroy confirms Chip Caray, who just completed his third season as the lead play-by-play announcer, and the network have decided to part ways. The son of the beloved late Braves broadcaster Skip Caray and the grandson of the legendary play-by-play announcer Harry Caray, had been heavily criticized for his postseason work in which he miscalled plays, cited misinformation and for being very subjective while calling the game.