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Poll Time: Best Starting Pitcher in Blue Jays History

Ricky isn't all that happy I didn't include him.
Ricky isn't all that happy I didn't include him.
Jim McIsaac

I have the worst flu, doing anything that takes any thinking will not be happening today. So I figured it was time for another poll.

Paul Molitor won the Best DH poll with 68% of the vote. Dave Winfield was second with 10%. Who ever gave the single vote to Shea Hillenbrand....I'll find out who you are. Cliff Johnson got 4%, showing I'm not the only old person on here.

Today we'll vote on Best Starting Pitcher. We've had a number of very good starting pitchers.

Looking at the list, it does show how starting pitching has changed over the years. Jim Clancy made 40 startings, in 1982, and threw 266 innings. Dave Stieb made 38 starts, the same season, and completed half of them, with 5 shutouts, throwing 288 innings. Can you imagine having two pitchers that threw 554 innings between them? We thought we were doing good with Dickey and Buehrle getting us 428 innings this year.