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Roberto Alomar will be launching line of baseball equipment


Hall of Famer and Blue Jays' special assistant to the organization Roberto Alomar will be partnering with a Canadian baseball equipment supplier to launch his "Alomar Baseball" line of gloves and bats next Tuesday, November 12 in a suburb of Toronto.

Scott Neiles, CEO of Home Run Sports, tweeted out that Alomar will be at the launch in their Mississauga location, and Tony Carnelos announced that the press conference will start at 12:12 pm (of course) with a public autograph session after. So, go if you're into that stuff.

Alomar was supposedly "actively involved" with designing and testing the products, according to the Alomar Baseball website. One of their key products is the "Alomar Pro Series" glove with the "Alomar Signature Pocket" which apparently helps with a quick transfer needed by middle infielders.

I don't mind athletes making a buck or two sticking their name and image to things--I just hope that this equipment is backed up by quality as well. Plus, I like the logo with the iconic Alomar pose after he hit the home run off of Eck.

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