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Colby Rasmus wins Wilson 2013 Defensive Player of the Year award


Added to the list of things I didn't know about, but Wilson sports equipment gives out  Defensive Player of the Year awards. They do it a little different than the Rawling guys. They award a a player on each team an award for being best defensive player of the year.

Colby Rasmus won for the Blue Jays, I'd have picked Brett Lawrie personally, but they didn't ask me. Who did they ask? Good question:

Founded in 2012, the Wilson Defensive Player of the Year Award winners are determined by using a formula that balances scouting information, sabermetric analysis and basic fielding statistics

Ummmm yeah that's it.

Anyway congratulations Colby on collecting the award.

They also gave out best defensive team of the year awards to the Orioles and Royals (tied) in the AL and the Diamondbacks in the NL.

Top top players in each league are Dustin Pedroia and Gerardo Parra.

Fora full list of winners go here.