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Blue Jays 'thinking' of turning Jeremy Jeffress into a starter?

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Jeff Passan had this:

Jeffress did a very nice job for us, as a September call up, pitching in 9 games, allowing 7 hits, 3 walks, with 11 strikeouts in 9.1 inning, all without allowing an earned run. He pitched 2 innings in a couple of his appearances.

He is a fun pitcher to watch. You have to like guys that can hit 100 mph. As a starter, odds are he'd have to take a click or two off his fastball.

Jeremy hasn't made a major league start, the last time he started in the minors was in 2011, in the Royals' minor league system.

I don't know, I like him as a reliever, but I'm not sure he throws enough pitches to get by as a starter. According to Fangraphs, in his few innings for the Jays, he threw 75% two-seam fastballs, 19.4% curves and 8.5% four-seam fastballs. I guess, if they figure he could find a change in spring training.

What do you think?