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Winter Meetings Day Three: No News, More Rumors

Where there is rumors there is no news.

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

After another day of rumors but no moves by the Blue Jays, I think today will be another day of inactivity.

Last night's rumor was that the Jays had shopped Colby Rasmus for pitching help. Let's face it, Alex will talk about any player, and likely has talked about every player in the Jays organization. Colby would have some trade value and sometime they are going to have to decide to fish or cut bait with Anthony Gose, but I'd be surprised if Colby was traded.

Bob Elliot gives us some little bits and some quotes from John Gibbons

  • Alex doesn't expect a trade for a starting pitcher to happen this week (thanks for throwing cold water on our hopes) and doesn't figure to sign a free agent before January. It sounds like all the teams are waiting to see what happens with Masahiro Tanaka.
  • Adam Lind is being shopped and Elliot figures the Rays, Pirates and Mariners are among the teams that could use him.
  • "Brandon Morrow is another big question mark. He's pitching in Arizona and throwing simulated games and feels good. That's a guy that we've got to have."
  • On Moises Sierra playing first Gibbons said: "I have a hard time seeing him there to be honest, if you want to know the truth- maybe in that blowout."
  • On left field: "If Melky Cabrera‘s fine, Melky will be in left."
  • On second base:  "We like what Goins did in September, he gave us a shot in the arm. He handled the ball well enough to be the top dog going in there."

I hope they really aren't planing on Goins at second.

Yesterday Ben Nicholson-Smith told us that the 'no contract over five years' thing is more a guideline than an unbreakable rule. Honestly, the five year thing always sounded like an excuse to me:

"We have to tell the fans why we didn't sign free agent 'X'".

"Well, tell them we have a rule against contracts over 5 years."

"Do we have a rule like that?"

"No, but we can say we do."

Shi Davidi says that the Jays are looking for a right-handed bat to platoon with Adam Lind (presuming Lind isn't traded). He suggests Jeff Baker.

Let's use this as an open thread for rumors that come out of day three.