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Blue Jays asked about David Price

Ken Rosenthal tells us the Jays inquired about the price for Price.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

There really isn't much for rumors today, but there is this:

I can't imagine there would be a way to get Price that wouldn't involve including Marcus Stroman and/or Aaron Sanchez. Samardzija? Well, if I was the Cubs I'd ask for one of those two as well, but I hope the Jays wouldn't give either of those two up for him.

I'm really getting the feeling that anytime the Jays ask about anyone Stroman and Sanchez will be the names that come up. If you are another team, why not try for those two. If I'm the Jays I don't include them in a trade until I try everything else.

I'm really not expecting anything big to happen this week. I think it will have to be closer to spring training, when the Jays or their trading partner decide that they can't do any better. And I can imagine the Rays would trade Price inside the division, unless they really felt they were being overpaid.

Oh, and there is this:

I think that makes my hope that Adam Lind could get Franklin from the Mariners pretty slim.