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Dustin McGowan 'certain' to come to camp as a starter?


More rumors, more rumors:

Now Jamie doesn't tell us why Dustin is 'certain' to be coming in as a starter. Have the Jays stated they aren't going to be getting another starter in trade or sign a free agent? Did Dustin demand to start? Or is it a guess on Campbell's part.

McGowan looked great as a reliever this past season, and I thought, if the Jays traded Janssen and Santos, McGowan would be a great choice for closer. I do worry about his injury history, but I don't know if he would be more likely to be injured as a starter than as a reliever. It just kind of makes sense to think that. Fewer pitches, less chance of something snapping.

It's Dustin's career and if he wants to start and the team is willing to let him, then go for it.

And this:

Corey Hart, Logan Morrison and Robinson Cano. Looks like the Mariners want our crown as winners of the off-season.