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Blue Jays Trade Brian Moran

Easy come easy go.

I <3 Photoshop
I <3 Photoshop
Minor Leaguer

You have another Blue Jays jersey that will be a collectors item.

As Minor Leaguer posted, the Jays selected Brian Moran, from the Seattle Mariners, with their number nine pick in the Rule 5 draft.

Then they immediately traded him to the  Angels for some 'International Draft' cap space. So the Jays now have a few more dollars to spend on international free agents. How much they aren't saying, but likely not all that much more. The two teams would have been discussed the deal before the draft.. The Angels would have said 'if Moran is still available when you pick, grab him for us.

The Angels must have figured someone between the Jays number 9 pick and their number 14 pick would grab up Moran. The Rule 5 draft is a ton of fun. The Angels will have to keep Moran on their 25-man roster for the entire season or offer Moran back to the Mariners. Moran will likely sit at the back of the Angels bullpen and only be used in blowouts or when no one else is available, though he looks to have a good arm, 85 strikeouts, with just 20 walks, in 62.2 innings in Triple-A last year and a 3.45 ERA.

The Jays made no other moves in the draft and none of our players were taken. They are still at 39 on the major league roster. Room for a free agent signing, right Alex.