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Today in Bluebird Banter History

The famous Ben Francisco
The famous Ben Francisco
Tom Szczerbowski-US PRESSWIRE

There isn't much for Blue Jays news today, so let's take a look at what happened on (and around) December 13th in past years.

One year ago:

Two years ago:

Three year ago:

Four years ago:

Five years ago:

Personally, for $2 million, I might've cut Bautista loose. An 89 OPS+ career is nothing special for a corner infielder, and he hasn't been getting any better despite entering what is normally an offensive player's prime. He's not a great fielder so I'm not really seeing the upside. The Jays could do worse as injury insurance for Rolen, but I'd go with Inglett. Bautista has hit lefties well in his career and would be a good platoon mate in the event of an injury, but that's a little expensive for the righthanded part of an injury contingency platoon. He could still be cut loose though, a la Sparky from last season, so we'll see.

Halladay is being abused? The man will make $14.25 million next year. If that's abuse, where do I sign up? I know hyperbola is great and all but let's save the term abuse for, you know, someone that's being badly treated.

Six years ago:

  • Hugo reports that free agent  David Eckstein signed with the Jays and that 'Sparrow' wasn't offered arbitration. I figured I'd see if any of you remember who was nicknamed Sparrow.

Seven years ago: