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Roy Halladay reportedly gave pitching for the Blue Jays one last try

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David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

According to a tweet sent out by TSN's Scott MacArthur Friday afternoon, Roy Halladay actually tried out for the Blue Jays in the October instructional league but his velocity was still down so he packed it in and opted to retire.

The key part of the story is that Halladay did want to pitch for the Blue Jays in 2014, even going so far as to going to the Blue Jays's camp instructional league in October to see what he had left, perhaps at the invitation of the Blue Jays front office. It is interesting that Halladay would have been able to even do this in October, as technically he would not have been a free agent until after the World Series ended.

It was clear last year that the Roy Halladay wearing #34 for the Phillies wasn't the great Roy Halladay we remember. I am glad that ultimately he decided to hang up the spikes rather than to try to come back and possibly get lit up. I think it is better for Blue Jays fans to remember him as a dominating pitcher and for him not to be also remembered for poor comeback efforts à la Dave Stieb in 1998 and Pat Hentgen in 2004.

Halladay gave everything he had to Toronto when he was here, and wanted to come back to pitch again. When that failed he still wanted to sign a ceremonial contract to retire as a Blue Jay. How great is that?