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Merry Krampus Everyone! Saturday Dec 14, 2013 Links

It has been quite a busy and somewhat strange week. The best Jays pitcher retires as a Jay to the chagrin of the self-centered Phillies media. Yankees are shocked that no one really wants to take the Yankees money or terms. Here is a whole pile of links for you long-suffering Jays fans--a couple won't make you happy.

Not Krampus, but a picture of the two men who personified the Jays in the late 00s.
Not Krampus, but a picture of the two men who personified the Jays in the late 00s.
Michael Buckner


Anthopoulos: Jays trade targets still in play -
Barring an unexpected turn, the Toronto Blue Jays will leave the Swan and Dolphin Hotel without having made any significant additions. They’ll return to Toronto, get some rest and review their options before resuming trade talks and free agent negotiations. As of Thursday morning, general manager Alex Anthopoulos remains focused on at least three starting pitching targets

Blue Jays notebook: Pitching search drags on -
Alex Anthopoulos isn’t concerned that the Toronto Blue Jays didn’t add a starting pitcher at the Winter Meetings, and he won’t mind if his search for arms lasts into January. In fact, he expects steady activity to continue across MLB well into next month.

Winter Meetings: Anthopoulos thinking outside the box: Griffin | Toronto Star
Nobody will ever accuse Blue Jays GM Alex Anthopoulos of not thinking outside the box. It’s inside the box where he’s getting beat around.

The Blue Jay Hunter: Is Alex Anthopoulos Tempering Expectations?
The question at the end of the 2013 was "how will the Blue Jays repair their rotation?" But over time, that question has progressed to "will they even upgrade their starting rotation at all?"

Roy Halladay retires
The Hardball TImes: A surprise announcement brings a fan's appreciation.

The Blue Jay Hunter: Roy Halladay: The Ultimate Class Act
Very few players in the history of baseball elicit the kind of response that Roy Halladay does. Halladay was a consummate professional, the fiercest competitor, and the ultimate class act.

Blue Jays: Toronto will always be ‘home’ for the Halladays | Toronto Star
It was an emotional moment for Brandy Halladay on Monday morning at the Disney resort hotel watching her teary-eyed husband announce his retirement.


An Eyewitness Account Of The Baseball Agent Slapfight
We've been trying to piece together the fight in the parking lot at baseball's winter meetings in Orlando. Threats of arson? Yes. Gary Sheffield and Dave Stewart? No. Grown men twirling and clapping and slapping? My goodness yes!

Another Reason Frank Thomas Deserves Your Hall Of Fame Vote
When I advocated for Frank Thomas's Hall of Fame candidacy, I mentioned that the autograph I got from him on the day he kinda-sorta saved my life had faded completely from the ball it was on. It turns out Thomas read my post, and he was kind enough to send me a new autographed ball. Seriously, put this man in the Hall of Fame.

Trading for Proven Workhorse David Price | FanGraphs Baseball
The thing we know is that David Price is going to be traded. That much is a virtual certainty, for all of the reasons you already understand. The things we don’t know are all of the details.

MLB Investigates Yankees For Potential Tampering With Mike Trout
This seems like a whole lot of nothing, but we can stand behind anything to make baseball's silly season the sillier. Yesterday, Yankees president Randy Levine had this to say by way of explaining why the team was hesitant to give Robinson Cano too many years:

Tool: Basically Every Pitching Stat Correlation | FanGraphs Baseball
In doing my research, I often like to take a look at correlations to get an idea about whether factors might be connected.

Are Aging Curves Changing? | FanGraphs Baseball
For years it’s been assumed hitters will get to the major leagues and peak offensively around age 30. Teams and fans can hope the new, shiny, 20-home-run-hitting rookie will improve over time and someday will hit 30 to 40 home runs.

Job Posting: Baseball Info Solutions Multiple Openings | FanGraphs Baseball
Baseball Info Solutions (BIS) is committed to providing the most accurate, in-depth, timely professional baseball data, including cutting-edge research and analysis, striving to educate major league teams and the public about baseball analytics.

The all-decade team: best of the best
From Hardball Times: After a whole year of constructing teams of decades one-by-one, Richard is at last ready to reveal the best (and worst) from those squads

The best rookies of the ‘20s
From Hardball Times: The final stop on our tour of the great rookie seasons in baseball history.


The 2013 Deadspin Bear Of The Year
Deadspin is pleased to announce our 2013 Bear of the Year. There were a great many bears to choose, but ultimately our decision was a simple one: Bicycle-Riding Bear Who Ate a Monkey.


Baseball History - December 14th - National Pastime - Baseball History
1977 The Red Sox trade Fergie Jenkins, a future Hall-Of-Famer, to the Rangers for 23-year-old pitcher named John Poloni, who will never play in another big league game. As a starter for both the Rangers and later with the Cubs, the Canadian right hander will post a 69-56 record with a 3.71 ERA during the remaining six years of his career.