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What one question would you like to ask Alex Anthopoulos?

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

I'm tired of this off-season already.

Last year, the off-season was fun. It was exciting. Things happened. The club had obvious holes and it went out to fill the holes. We didn't know that it wouldn't workout. This season, well the team has obvious holes, but there doesn't seem to be a rush to fill them. Well, except for catcher. We can argue about how well they filled the spot but they did fill it.

Since we have no news this morning, let's do a question:

If you could ask Alex Anthopoulos one question, what would it be?

Mine was: What one thing do did you learn from this season?

He hasn't gotten back to me on that. I'm starting to think we aren't the buddies I thought we were. Sometimes, I get the feeling that this is all a one sided relationship. I give and give and give and get nothing back.

Or it's possible that he has no idea who I am.

Anyway, get us the question that you'd like to ask of Alex.