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What to do with J.P. Arencibia?

With the Dioner Navarro signing, what to do with JP?


Assuming the signing of Dioner Navarro goes through (it is 'pending a physical' at the moment), what do we do with J.P. Arencibia?

There are competing thoughts on Twitter:

No kidding the market is soft for a guy that had a negative WAR and acted like a jerk during the season.

Personally, I doubt there is a trade out there at the moment. I'd think that a trade would be more likely during spring training when someone loses a catcher to injury and JP hits a couple of spring home runs. Then someone might think that he would be a cheap fill in and who knows, you might get lucky and he might figure it out.

The good part is, as Minor Leaguer pointed out:

I tend to think that he would be a lousy guy to have around this spring. He doesn't seem like the type of guy that would take the news of losing his starter job quietly. I think he'd be a jerk about it and would let everyone know how terrible he thinks the team is, how they screwed hi, just basically try to make everyone as miserable as he is.

But then, since it wouldn't be a guaranteed contract, he could be let go at any moment, for just a fraction of the deal.

He does have options, he could be sent to the minors, but I don't think that will happen. Again, I don't think he i the kind of guy to take that sort of thing quietly. I'm not one that worries about chemistry but I don't think I'd want his attitude around. Or, at least, if he reacts the way I'm expecting.

Of course, he could also be non-tendered tonight, then the Jays wouldn't have to worry about trying to trade him or worry about his attitude. Just let him go and save yourself the hassle. Is what we'd get back for JP worth the time spent trying to trade him? Would it take away from time spent trying to improve the rotation?

I may have been too slow posting this:

What would you do with JP if you were Alex?