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Blue Jays to Non-Tender J.P. Arencibia

JP striking out....we won't miss that.
JP striking out....we won't miss that.
Brad White

Shi Davidi had this:

Three sources told that general manager Alex Anthopoulos will non-tender the 27-year-old ahead of Monday's midnight deadline if a trade partner doesn't emerge.

Boy they really don't want the guy.

With this news coming out, I'd have to guess that they won't find a trade for him. Would you trade for the guy if you knew he would be a free agent in a couple of days? I'd imagine he would get more as an arbitration eligible player than he would on the open market.

It seems like the Blue Jays don't want to take any chance that they would have to have him come to training camp and infect play with a bad attitude. I don't see why they wouldn't tender him then cut him before March. If they are that worried about him being around the other players, cut him the week before pitcher and catchers report.

It is kind of a sad end to his days as a Blue Jay. Things started off so hopeful. 4 for 5 and 2 home runs in his first Major League game. Back then we would never have guessed his time as a Jay would end like this.