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Santa's List

Like you thought I'd put up a picture of an old fat guy....
Like you thought I'd put up a picture of an old fat guy....

Dear Santa, I'm sure you don't need help but I figured I'd offer anyway. First of all, if you can remember where I hid that one gift for my son.....I'd be thrilled.

Brandon Morrow: The season we've been expecting.

Mark Buehrle: A much better start to the season.

Colby Rasmus: An extension.

Blue Jays Training Staff: Same as I asked last year....Far less work.

Brett Lawrie: A bat that is as good as his glove.

Ricky Romero: A return to 2011.

Jose Bautista: An MVP season.

Adam Lind: Right-handed pitching.

Munenori Kawasaka: Talent to equal his baseball IQ

Moises Sierra: Baseball IQ equal to his talent.

Brett Cecil: Left-handed batters.

John Gibbons: I'd imagine ulcer medicine, after living through last year. Wins would be nice too. And new knees.

Alex Anthopoulos: A second baseman and a starting pitcher. A right-handed bat would be ok too, but let's not be greedy.

R.A. Dickey: Balls that flutter more and don't fly as far.

Gregg Zaun: Humility, empathy and far less misogyny. Or a job as a broadcaster for another team.

Dirk Hayhurst: Another best seller, not that he needs the help.

J.P. Arencibia: Best of luck.

Buck and Pat: A copy of the song 'Silence is Golden'.

Casey Janssen: Many, many more saves.

To the rest of the bullpen: Less work, but results as good as last year.

Maicer Izturis: The same WAR as last year, but with a Plus side not a minus sign.

Melky Cabrera: The return of his ability to move.

Tim Raines: Once again I ask for a plaque in the Hall of Fame for the very deserving Rock.

Bud Selig: RETIREMENT. Santa, we ask this every year. I've been especially good this year, so please Santa, do this for me.

Montreal: New Expos.

Minor Leaguer and everyone else on the masthead: Lots of interesting stuff to write about, and, of course, the time to write it all.

Me: I'm blessed enough, I don't need much. But if you let me have more time to watch my boys become fine young men, I'd be happy. Beyond that, I'd be happy if you allow me to play in this fun sandbox for a while longer.

For all of us: Health and more wins for the Jays.

Add in any other suggestions you have.

Merry Christmas to all. I hope Santa is good to you.