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Is this season Alex Anthopoulos' last chance?

Tom Szczerbowski

Richard Griffin figures that Alex Anthopoulos time with the Jay's might come to an end without a winning season this year. His story is here.

Richard also tells us that other GMs have figured him out, using the Tigers trade of Fister as an example, talking about how Alex would have liked to make an offer but didn't know the Tigers were close to a deal. To me that's a failing of the Tigers, they should have talked to all teams known to be interested in landing a starter before making a deal. If you were wanting to trade a player wouldn't you want to start a bidding war? Or at least see what was it there.

I don't think that's Alex's fault. Perhaps other teams are a little more careful in dealing with him, but then, if Alex has failed so miserably, why would other teams need to come up with strategies to deal with him. Either he is a failure and other teams should be happy to make deals with him, or he's a success and they have to figure out how to put smart him, but I don't think he can be both.

I had been wondering how long it would take for Griffin to turn on Alex, he spent all his time trying to get JP fired during his time as GM.

Personally, I still like Alex. I think his moves made sense, things just didn't work out. Life is like that sometimes. Nothing is guaranteed.

I am still enjoying life in the Dominican, beer appears beside me, I don't have to ask. Vladimir knows me.