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Alex Anthopoulos talks to the media


Alex Anthopoulos had a conference call with the press this morning, talking about J.P. Arencibia and the Dioner Navarro signing. As usual he worked hard not to say much of interest:

  • On JP, he said it wasn't an easy decision not to non-tender him, that he couldn't 'speak more highly about JP' as a person. He called JP last night to let him know about the decision, said it wasn't an 'enjoyable call' but that JP took it like a professional. He said the decision wasn't made during the season, but just in the past few weeks.
  • About Navarro: he 'has the ability to make contact', that everyone 'raved about his game calling' and that he's a 'better fit right now'. He has 'upside' and 'may have turned a corner with his bat'. Said he wouldn't have done 3 or 4 years with Navarro.
  • Asked about trying to trade JP, that there was no market for him at the moment, and letting him go now was best for JP. About making JP a backup he said 'no', and mentioned that Thole had caught Dickey.
  • He figures that JP will 'bounce back'. That he's tough and played through injuries this year. And that JP is 'very proud'.
  • He was asked if the off field stuff with JP factored into the decision, he said no, said they talk to the players about Twitter, said that the league likes having the players on Twitter, but 'as a GM' he'd prefer the players stay off it.
  • Mostly he said that JP had a down year, had 'bad luck' but he still has the ability to be good'. He also talked about what a good Blue Jay he was and how he always help on the cross Canada trips and how he always went to the schools and hospitals when asked. Alex said JP would be missed in that way.
  • Alex also feels that A.J. Jimenez is 'very close' to being ready for the majors. That defensively 'he could come in and help now', depending on his health.
  • Asked if the team had player development issues, he listed Encarnacion, Bautista, Janssen, Loup, Lind and others as successes, saying there wasn't a problem.