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Baseball-related new year's resolutions

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Totally mailed-in post.

Tom Szczerbowski

I am horrible at keeping new year's resolutions, but I figure that posting the baseball-related ones here, on record, would help keep me on track (I conveniently skipped out on making them last year). One of the resolutions I made (and kept) for 2013 was to save money for the inevitable Blue Jays playoff tickets I would need to buy. Well, since I still have a full piggy bank, I'll put "attend a postseason game" on my resolution list:

  1. Improve my writing and decrease the mailed-in post : real post ratio.
  2. Attend a Major League Baseball postseason game... whether or not the Blue Jays happen to be playing in October.
  3. Visit Manchester, New Hampshire to watch the Fisher Cats play.
  4. Visit Boston and watch a game in Fenway Park.
  5. Be less frustrated at dumb plays and Blue Jays losses.
  6. Be less frustrated at Blue Jays analysts and talk-show hosts.
  7. Be less frustrated at Darren O'Day.
  8. Listen to more Lansing Lugnuts baseball as called by Jesse Goldberg-Strassler.
  9. Keep up with updating the Blue Jays roster tree subway map (latest here).
  10. Drink beer and eat steak while watching baseball. (I'm allowed to have one easy one.)
  11. Learn R to do fancy-schmancy stats stuff.
  12. Read more baseball and non-baseball books.
  13. (Not baseball-related) Scuba-dive.
  14. (Not baseball-related) Perform a Supperjump that involves eating food from Waffle House.
  15. (Not baseball-related) Floss regularly.

And what are yours?