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Here Are Some Old Blue Jays Commercials

Frank Thomas' strongest case for the Hall of Fame lies within.

Andy Lyons

Last year's Blue Jays commercials represented a bit of a change from previous seasons' commercials, in that there was a definite focus on the fans. Check out this one and see for yourself:

That's all well and good, but there's something to be said for featuring the players who you are going out to see play ball when you purchase a ticket.

Let's look back at some comedic commercials from the mid- to late-2000s which had a larger player focus.

Scott Rolen's Drive-Through Encounter

Lyle Overbay Ruins a Wedding

Aaron Hill Is Good at Things

Skip to 4:19 for the ad.

Roy Halladay Is a Dick

Roy Halladay Is Not A Dick

Frank Thomas Pillow Fight

This is my personal favourite, although I can't seem to embed it, so here is the link. Hilariously enough there was a bit of controversy surrounding the ad and it was forced to be edited to include a disclaimer against trying this at home. Pillow fighting. Don't do it at home.

Finally, here are three slightly older commercials (I believe?), none of which have dialogue and are pretty darn funny in their own way.

Pink Uniforms

Maple Syrup


This has been a mailed-in post, which is what I do best. I hope you enjoyed. Have a safe and happy New Year everyone!