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2013 Blue Jays Award winners

Al Bello

The Toronto Chapter of the BBWAA voted for the Blue Jays Awards (hey Minor Leaguer, have they given you membership yet?).

Player of the Year is Edwin Encarnacion. He was the unanimous choice. Back when we did our own poll Edwin won too, but not unanimously. Colby had 22% of the vote. Edwin hit .272/.370/.534 with 36 home runs and 104 RBI. And, one an injury fulled time, he played the 2nd most games, one short of Adam Lind's 143. Edwin wins for the second year in a row.

Pitcher of the Year is Casey Janssen. It is his second win in a row as well. He had 34 saves, in 36 tries and a 2.56 ERA. Casey won our vote too, getting 46% of the vote.

Rookie of the Year, is Todd Redmond, more or less by default. He went 4-3, with a 4.32 ERA in 17 game, 14 starts. He also had 76 strikeouts in 77 innings.

Mark DeRosa gets the John Cerutti award for ummmmm goodwill, cooperation and character as displayed by the late John Cerutti. The 'good guy' award:

DeRosa receives the honour after completing his 16th and final season for his off field contributions this past season that represent what the award was designed to signify. The veteran infielder carried himself exemplary on and off the field regardless of the situation and is a well deserved recipient

I wonder who came in second in that vote?

Congratulations to the winners.