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Do we really need the old guy to be clubhouse leader?

Jamie Squire

Ben Nicholson-Smith tells us that the Blue Jays are one of a handful of teams looking at Jamey Carroll. Carroll will be 40 in February and last had a decent season, with the bat, in 2011.

I so much hate the old guy/clubhouse leader role that we seem to have to fill every year. Omar Vizquel, Mark DeRosa, before that Kevin Millar. Guys that at one time were good baseball players but that time was past by the time we signed them (yeah I get that I'm being overly mean to DeRosa who wasn't all that bad with us).

Vizquel was such a good clubhouse influence that the Yunel stuff happened and he was more interested in telling us that it wasn't such a big deal.

DeRosa, by all accounts, was a great clubhouse leader and yet we still managed to finish last. He was, apparently, great with Brett Lawrie, but then why couldn't we hire a coach that could do the same hand holding with Brett. And if he was such a great clubhouse leader, why couldn't he have talked to J.P. Arencibia about not starting fights with the media? Or was he only a clubhouse leader for one guy? Derosa would have been okay,  if he had just played against lefties,  but we always have too many injuries for the 25th man to be used sparingly.

Anyway,  looks like the Jays are looking Carroll for the old guy that we hope won't play, but will end up playing playing far more than any of us would like.

I'd much rather a younger guy that will be able to handle the work when we run into injuries.