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Happy Birthday Bluebird Banter!!

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Bluebird Banter is Seven Years Old Today

Happy Birthday to us!!

It was seven years ago today that Bluebird Banter got it's start.  This post by Marc Normandin introduced Bluebird Banter to the world.  Marc now writes for Over the Monster.  How one goes from writing about the Blue Jays to writing about the Red Sox I'll never know.   (Editing by Hugo's Mom)

The first real post was about the then recent Lyle Overbay trade.  Back then JP Ricciardi was general manager and someone named John Gibbons was manager.  I wonder what ever happened to him.

Marc didn't last long around here (we tried to chase off Red Sox fans as quickly as we can).  Mark W. and Slitheringslider took over.  By 2007 a young man named Hugo came along (with his mom as editor) as well as Achengy.  I came along in July 2008 and things have never been the same.

Over the years we've had wonderful writers join us and help contribute to the continuing saga of our site.  Hugo and I ran the site for awhile and then started thankfully adding people.  Soon we had Jessef,  JohnnyG who did the game threads and podcasts, Masterkembo, and Woodman665.

Minor Leaguer,  who we couldn't live without,  joined us in 2011.  He does so much writing and editing that I hardly do anything around here any more.

Now we've grown to have thirteen people on the masthead and while I'm not going to name you all I'm extremely appreciative of all the work you do here.

In total there has been 6,743 posts since we've started with 4, 920 being mine (I obviously need a life).  Our readership has grown from just Hugo's mom to where we get several thousand page views a day.

Thank you all for your fan posts and comments, we wouldn't do this without you, our wonderful readers.  It's more fun now than back when I was the only one in the game threads.

Party at Carm's house, she's making a cake!