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Bob Nightengale on the Miami PED Clinic

Is Alex regretting signing Melky Cabrera yet?

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Bob Nightengale of USA Today has a story on the Biogenesis of America clinic in Coral Gables, Florida.

The money bits:

New York Yankees All-Star Alex Rodriguez agreed to pay $12,000 monthly for the next four years to receive performance-enhancing drugs.

I don't know how much PED you get for $12 grand, but it sounds like he was getting the Platinum Club treatment. I think we are all past the point where we get surprised about any of this stuff. It does give the Yankees further ammunition to try to void their contract. Alex, for his part, is still denying it all.

And, about Melky Carbrera:

Cabrera began receiving performance-enhancing drugs from Bosch since 2009, according to the Miami New Times.

Also, in an explosive letter obtained by the Miami New Times, Bosch claims that Cabrera owes him $14,000 -- including a $5,000 bonus for making the All-Star team. Cabrera was named MVP of the game.

It's all pretty damning.

I don't know what MLB will do about it. Strengthen testing obviously, but then they are already doing that. Can they suspend just on this information? I'm guessing they will try their best. Can they suspend 'Melky again? Or will they decide that last year's suspension covers this stuff?

I wonder what Alex is thinking.