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Friday Afternooon Bantering

Little bits of Blue Jay news.

Hannah Foslien

There isn't much out there for Blue Jay news, but let's catch up with a couple of things:

I don't understand this, but I'd imagine it has more to do with someone's agent trying to make it look like there is a market there than any real interest that the Jays might have. I can see us picking up a couple of guys on minor league contracts, who could fill out the roster in Buffalo, but especially with Darren Oliver returning, I don't see any room with the big club, unless there is an injury we don't know about.

  • Russ Canzler is available again. Somebody will be the one holding him when all the other clubs tire of putting in waiver claims. I wonder if Alex will grab him again, or if he figures that Andy LaRoche fills the emergency "I need someone to platoon with Adam Lind" role.
  • RotoGraphs figures Steve Delabar would be a good, cheap, fantasy pickup. I can't see him getting more than 3 or 4 saves, but he gets a lot of a strikeouts.
  • Jayson Stark lists the Five key injury comebacks, but the only name on the list that counts is Jose Bautista.
  • Blue Jay single game tickets go on sale in two weeks, February 16, at 10 AM Eastern. The season is getting closer.
  • The Yankees signed Travis Hafner and
  • The Rays Red Sox signed Lyle Overbay. It will be fun watching the Rays if they have Overbay, Johnson and Escobar on the infield. All they have to do now is sign Scott Rolen and they'll complete the former Jay infielder set.
  • I missed this last week, but I really like this post by Steven Goldman about the Death of the Bench Player. I do miss the days when the 25th man on the roster could be useful for winning games.
  • You can pre-order OOTP Baseball 14 and have a chance to win an IPod or Amazon gift cards. The list of improvements (click the link to see them) look impressive. I love the game, and can' wait to play it with the new Blue Jay roster.
  • It's Rob Neyer's second anniversary with SB Nation. Time flies. One of my favorite SB Nation moments was getting to speak to Rob at a conference we had in Las Vegas. Of course, I didn't think to get a picture taken with him.