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Today in Blue Jay History: Jays Sign Kevin Millar


My mom said if you don't have anything good to say, say nothing at all. My mom wasn't a blogger.

We signed Kevin Millar on February 11, 2009, here is Hugo's post on the signing. Forgive him for comparing Millar with Baustista.

I really wasn't a fan, but I react badly when I'm told a player is going to help us win because of his 'clubhouse presence'. I don't think team chemistry is something that can be manufactured, but that doesn't mean teams won't keep trying (hopefully Mark DeRosa will work out better).

Anyway, Kevin had a terrific month of April, hitting .343/.395/.514. He won us a game in extra innings and I even apologized to him. I was a little premature. The rest of the season he hit a big .203.

Millar finished up the season with a .223/.311/.363 line and his defense at first base was poor. Later we found out that his clubhouse presence wasn't all it was cracked up to be. I believe in leadership, but I believe your best players are your leaders. If a bench player is a leader, you run the chance of him leading the wrong direction when he doesn't get the playing time he had hoped to get.

The Jays finished the season 75-87, 4th in the East and Millar didn't play in the majors again.