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Big Leagues Magazine Season Preview Is Out

Check out Big Leagues Magazine 2013 Season Preview Issue.

Big Leagues Magazine, an online magazine, has a 2013 season preview issue that is out now. You can find it here.

If you haven't seen Big Leagues Magazine, they do a monthly online publication that I've had a piece in before. They have put together a pretty long, 140+ page, preview of the upcoming season. I wrote the Blue Jays preview, something that was fun to do after the off-season we've had, and they have previews of all the major league teams, as well as several other articles, taking a look at the season that's coming up. The opening interview with author Jonah Keri is worth the price of issue. He talks about the Jays (and of course Expos, since he has a book coming about them), among other things. Here is a preview of that interview.

There is a cost, $4.95 US, but then I'm a sucker for season preview magazines. I generally buy two or three of them off the new stands, and they cost more than $4.95. The only downside, other than my rambling about the Blue Jays, is that it is online only. At the moment, you can only get it from their website, but soon it will be out on Amazon Kindle, Nook and iTunes.