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Tuesday Bantering: Casey Janssen "Not 100%" Yet, John Gibbons' Love For Melky Cabrera, PECOTA Explanation, And Certain Certainties


Greg Brady and Jim Lang spoke with Blue Jays closer Casey Janssen this morning on Sportsnet Radio The Fan. Janssen is excited to go into camp with a defined role for the season. He is "not 100% just yet" but "having a little extra time in the spring is gonna help" him get to 100%. He believes that getting ready for April 2 is "very, very realistic." I am not too concerned at this point with Janssen's admission that he's not "100%" after his clavicle shave this offseason. Spring training is long so he has plenty of time to ramp up.

Bob Nightengale spoke with new old manager John Gibbons at Dunedin. Gibbons spoke a bit about the past and his hiring--nothing we haven't heard before. When asked about Melky Cabrera, Gibbons said that he thinks Cabrera needs to go out to admit his wrong by talking to the media and answering questions about his use of performance enhancing drugs in order to ask for forgiveness. Besides what happened, Gibbons declared that he "love[s] that guy." Sounds to me like a little more than a standard praise for a player.


Andrew Stoeten tries to explain why the Blue Jays were projected to finish fourth in the AL East, a game behind the Rays and Red Sox by Baseball Prospectus' PECOTA projection system.

Kieran Roy of Blue Jays Way lists the five 100% absolute certainties of spring training.