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Saturday Open Thread

Not the most manly pose Sergio
Not the most manly pose Sergio

It's that fun time of the year, after all the real news of the off-season is over and we don't have any real news from spring training yet. There is the odd interesting tweet from writers that are watching the players start up this spring.

I think Mottola has something there. Colby did seem to change his stance every few days. Consistency is a good thing in batting. Of course, there is an open question of whether Lawrie will listen to Mottola, but it sounds like the right approach.

Anyway I don't have anything for today and have a busy day ahead, so I'm just going to put this up as an open thread, anything you want to talk about, this is the place.

If you want a start up topic, how many Blue Jay game are you planning to go to this year? My son and I are going to make the trip at the end of May for 6 games. I'm looking to slip in another trip sometime, I'm looking at going to Oakland and Anaheim for few games at the end of July, start of August. California is a cheaper flight from here and seeing different places appeals to me.