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Mindblowing Eight-Bit Blue Jays Game: Your Tuesday Bluebird Links

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Brett Cecil on photo day.
Brett Cecil on photo day.
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

First of all, before I begin with the links, I must point you to the Minor Leaguer-certified Greatest Thing Ever. Watch it now, watch it often, then watch it again:

The video's brainchild is Blue Jays fan (and super talented artist) Cashew Mirman (follow him @CashewMirman), who runs Weekend Punks Versus The Flaming Phoenix Of Flames blog. My only question is what the heck Colby Rasmus is wearing. Let's hope he continues this great work throughout the season!

And a reminder to all Toronto-area Jays fans that the Jays Days Beer Club is having another gathering tomorrow night, 7:30 pm, at Tall Boys Craft Beer House. Hope you'll be there!

On with the more boring stuff!

The National Post's John Lott tells us that Ricky Romero has found a mentor: Mark Buehrle. Also from Lott, it seems that Blue Jays general manager Alex Anthopoulos--like many fans--wasn't too pleased that Adam Lind placed blame on confusing and conflicting messages coming from former manager John Farrell and former hitting coach Dwayne Murphy. The key quote from Anthopoulos:

"He has been in the league long enough now and it’s up to him to say 'I’m a little confused, I need a little help and what not.' [...] If he was confused overall and he wasn’t sure, then I’d say it’s on him to go and communicate that."

From Jeff Blair (although the title really doesn't reflect the piece): Anthopoulos told Casey Janssen to take it easy, to not push too hard to get ready, and to take advantage of the role of incumbent closer. If you are planning to watch spring training games, you won't be seeing Janssen until the second week of March. Remember when Sergio Santos was hidden away last spring and the Blue Jays said that he was "too ready"? When he went down with an injury, fans were thinking that the Jays were trying to hide something. But Santos insists that he didn't feel any problems in the spring and that he was pitching in minor league camp in order to develop a changeup.

Neil Davidson of The Canadian Press spoke with the Blue Jays' vice-president of marketing and merchandising Anthony Partipilo, who tells us that the club will wear the new maple-leaf BP caps for the Canada Day game, the August 11 Baseball Canada / Brett Lawrie bobblehead game, and other select games. The Blue Jays players interviewed seemed to give an impression that they liked them, which is good since they are the ones wearing them.

MLB Trade Rumors' Steve Adams wrote about Josh Johnson's free agency prospects. I don't think he needs a 30+ start season to command a long-term deal after this season (unless, of course, he stinks it up).

While Andrew Stoeten is driving away into the sun, Drunk Jays Fans put up a great guest post by Mark Behar (tip: DO NOT do a Google Image search for "Mark Behar"--DO NOT. Actually don't Google that name at all.) Behar spearheaded an effort to make a Blue Jays-themed comic. It unfortunately didn't work out in the end, but at least we get to see a five-page sample of what could've been. I remember reading a Jays comic as a kid, thanks to commenter Matt E (@mattomic), we now have a link to some scans.

Ken Fidlin writes about how great of a team guy Mark DeRosa is and how he is becoming fast friends with Brett Lawrie.

The Tao of Stieb is back from his tropical vacation and is starting his 37 Jays in 37(ish) Days series with Esmil Rogers. If you haven't done so already, bookmark and follow the man--the legend--on Twitter @TaoofStieb. Two of the things I learned: Rogers was a converted shortstop, and he had a .425 BABIP with the Colorado Rockies last season. I've been trying to look up what Jays fans have said about him during last season--apparently a bunch of people were saying that he was cheap for some reason.

Non-roster invitee Dave Bush promises that his 2005 clash with manager John Gibbons (they were together in their first stints with the club) was "way overblown" and that Gibbons and he "laugh about it" now. Hey: bets on the first one to get confronted by Gibby this season! Maybe Adam Lind? Also: Tim Raines has the flu (unknown whether he gave it to or got it from Gibbons, who suffered from it on Saturday).

Today's cover photo of Brett Cecil came from a photoshoot yesterday. Perhaps he should've considered taking those goggles off so mean folks won't make fun of it on Twitter.

Also, be sure to vote in our hair poll: Tyson Brummett vs. Colby Rasmus!