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The Bluebird Banter Top 40 Blue Jays Prospects: 15-11

Getting closer to the top of our list.

Continuing our climb to the top of our Top 40 prospect list, we've got numbers 11-15 this time. Click for the higher slots: 36-40, 31-35, 26-30, 21-25 and 16-20.

15. Mitch Nay - Nay was a first round supplemental pick in last June's draft. A million dollars kept him from going off to Arizona State to play ball (I'd stay away from Arizona for far less). It would have been nice if he would have played a bit last summer, to give us some numbers to look at, but a broken foot put him out. He's a big guy, 6'3", he's supposed to have good power and everything I read about him talks about his bat speed. We'll have to see him play some in the professional leagues to gauge if he'll have troubles making contact against good pitchers. He defense at third is said to be good and he has a good strong arm. He's just 19, and will likely be starting off in Bluefield, so we are a long way from finding out if he'll be a big time power hitting third baseman.

14. Adonys Cardona - The Jays paid $2.8 million to sign Adonys out of Venezuela. He didn't have a great 2012 season, playing in the GCL for the for the second time. He had a 6.32 ERA, in just 15 inning, his season finishing early because of a 'tired arm'. The 20 strikeouts look good, the 10 walks don't , but he's just 19 and throws in the low 90s already. Yet another really big pitcher, 6'4", listed at just 170 lb, so he has room to grow. He's young, but it would be nice to see some good numbers this year. He was #13 on the list last year.

13. Santiago Nessy - Jumped from 35th, it helps when the team trades a couple of the catchers in front of you on the prospect list. Nessy had a nice season at Bluefield, hitting .256/.320/.456 with 8 home runs in 160 at bats. Nice power for a 19 year old (he turned 20 in December). He threw out 33% of base stealers. More patience at the plate would be nice, but that seems to be a normal thing with catchers.

12.Chase DeJong - The 6'4" right-hander we picked in the second round of last year's draft. Chase only pitched 12 innings, for the GCL Jays, getting 15 strikeouts, with just one walk. He has a low 90's fastball, curve and change. A full season worth of stats in pro-ball will be nice to have for next year's list. He's just 19.

11. Franklin Barreto - Franklin is a 16 year old shortstop from Venezuela that the Jays gave $1.45 million to as a international free agent (can you imagine being 16 and having $1,450,000 in the bank?) (can you imagine being any age and having that much money in the bank?). Most considered him the best international free agent available this year. He's fast, has a good bat, good plate discipline, maybe not a lot of power, but he could end up a leadoff hitter type. But then we are, at least, 5 years away from knowing if that will happen. He's not a big guy, just 5'9", he'd look like midget grouped with the other in this group.