Who’s up Whose down - first week of camp.

Can’t expect Tom to do one of these before even a single exhibition game.

Here’s mine - but need help from anyone else impatient for progress reports.

I am not in Florida, here’s my take based on other’s reports.


* Gibbons nicely in charge, relaxed but no nonsense. handled smoothly the Arencibia wanting to make Dickies 3 other catchers redundant. No-one misses Farrel.

* AA stomps on Lind for - ah it doesn’t matter what for. Lind got a bit baited by some reporter chasing a “life is good with different manager” story.

* Josh Johnson is amping up and looking good.

* Santos is throwing hard and feeling good.

* Dickie’s knuckler continues to dance.


* Cooper; had him pencilled in for dark horse contribution. Sounds like season ending - hope its not career ending.

* Romero’s knee concerns.

* McGowan no go, but still hasn’t given up (but can recover/not under radar).

* Toronto press building too "sure-thing" in expectations

Knock on Wood;

* Not aware of any other injuries so far… or anyone asking to be traded.

* Bautista’s wrist - less news is good news - for now.

* Jeffries sure likes marijuana.. just pitch 96 miles an hour for us for 5 years, only drink rum … then retire to a lifetime supply of whatever you want.

* Jensen surgery more serious than initially made out. On schedule to be ready for start of season or so. We'll see.

* Mark Buehrle’s Pit Bull causes family to live in separate countries.

* Cabrera made his PED statement. He’s still in camp. Gibbons thinks he can hit.

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