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Let the Snow Melt!! Spring Training Game #1 February 23, 2013 Jays vs Tigers

Spring Training Game #1 February 23, 2013 Jays vs Tigers

    Hello Everyone!!!

Welcome back to Game Thread Fun all you regular people and a hearty welcome to all you new people out there! Today starts the first day we get to see our new Blue Jays in action and we can all watch thanks to SN. We'll just have to imagine the snow away and replace it with warm sun and palm trees. No big deal!

I know it's just a spring training game and I'm really not sure how many people we'll have with us today, but let's continue with the Game Thread rules of last year. I'm sure one of the bosses will let us know if the GIF rule can be relaxed today.

Game Thread Info Stuff: No Arguing with Mods. No GIFS until after the game. No linking to illegal streams. Don't be terrible. Full site rules can be found here. And last but certainly not least, have fun!

So put on your favourite Blue Jay shirt and come join us as we cheer for our favourite team!

Morrow gets the start, but will just go one inning. Anibal Sanchez for the Tigers will likely go 2.


Bonifacio, SS Jackson, CF
Izturis, 2B Hunter, RF
Lawrie, 3B Cabrera, 3B
Lind, 1B Fielder, 1B
Arencibia, DH Martinez, DH
Thole, C Dirks, LF
Sierra, RF Peralta, SS
Gose, CF Avila, C
Nanita, LF Infante, SS