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Two Blue Jays on Baseball Prospectus Top 101 Prospects List


Jason Parks of Baseball Prospectus has posted their top 101 Prospects list. Surprisingly enough it isn't behind their pay wall, so everyone can take a look. It is fun to compare that list with Baseball America's and Keith Law's lists (subscription needed).

Each of the three have two Blue Jays on the list. Aaron Sanchez is on all three lists. BP has him at number 32. BA doesn't like him quite as much, putting him at #65. Keith Law likes him more, # 19.

It's the second Jay on the lists that the lists disagree on. BP has Sean Nolin 97th on the list. In their scouting report on Sean they say his potential is a #3 starter and that he lacks a 'knockout pitch'. As well:

Some sources think his arsenal is on the way up, especially if the slider develops into a consistent plus offering and the changeup continues to work in that range. With a deep arsenal and a good feel for pitching, Nolin has all the characteristics of a mid-rotation arm

Baseball America puts Marcus Stroman the other Jay on their list at #98. Likely how close he is to being major league ready helped his case with them. I'd like him better if I was sure the Jays planned on him being a starting pitcher.

Keith Law has Roberto Osuna as his other Jay, putting him at 87th. In his words:

He gets high marks for how advanced he is on the mound, with good control and a strong feel for the art of setting hitters up, even though his stuff isn't quite up to the same level yet. He topped out at 97 mph last summer and will sit in the low 90s, with a plus changeup that has good action on it; he'll throw the change in any count to hitters on either side of the plate. The breaking ball is the question mark, as he throws a slider to spots right now rather than letting it go, putting more power into it almost like a cutter would have.

I'll put up the top five of our prospect list tomorrow, but since these three prospect lists give us different answers, I figured I'd ask you all first: Who is the Jays second best prospect? Presuming, of course, you agree that Aaron Sanchez is our top prospect. We can talk about that tomorrow.

BP has some former Jays on their list: Travis d'Arnaud #15, Noah Syndergaard #28, Jake Marisnick #71 and Justin Nicolino #73.