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Blue Jays on Keith Law's Top 100 Prospects

Two Blue Jay prospects make Keith Law's Top 100 Prospects list.

Anthony Gose (I don't have pictures of Sanchez or Osuna)
Anthony Gose (I don't have pictures of Sanchez or Osuna)

There are 2 Blue Jays on Keith Law's top 100 prospect list (subscription required), Aaron Sanchez at 19th and Roberto Osuna at 87th. Not much of a surprise.

About Sanchez, Keith says:

If you talked to the Blue Jays this winter about a trade, there was just one prospect you couldn't discuss; teams could and did pry loose the next four guys in their system, but Aaron Sanchez was untouchable. For good reason: Ace stuff like this is too hard to come by for the Blue Jays to let it go.

Law goes on to mention that Aaron only allowed 2 extra base hits to left-handers. He notes that Sanchez has to work on his control and command, but has no doubts that he will. ETA of 2014. I'm not sure about that, maybe a September call up I guess. Hopefully, considering the starting pitchers we have now, we shouldn't have to rush him. Law projects that he'll be a number 1 starter someday.

Aaron moved up from 97th on Law's list last year.

On Osuna:

Osuna is just 17 years old but entered Toronto's system with pro experience in the relatively high-level Mexican League, as well as good bloodlines from a father who pitched in that same league and an uncle, Antonio, who pitched in the majors, mostly for the Dodgers.

Law goes on to say that his fastball sits in the low 90's and he has plus changeup, and needs to work on his slider.

Osuna wasn't on Law's list last year.

I wonder where Anthony Gose and Drew Hutchison would sit on his list, if they were still considered prospects. .

Former Jays Travis d'Arnaud (14th), Justin Nicolino (62nd), Jake Marisnick (82nd) and Noah Sndergaard (97th) also make the list.

About d'Arnaud Law says:

Speaking of players who can't stay healthy, d'Arnaud hits for average and power, throws well, handles pitchers well -- and gets hurt at least once a year, reaching 400 plate appearances in a season just twice in five years. Injuries to his knees, back, finger and more have kept him off the field.

Catchers do tend to get hurt a lot in the minors, J.P. Arencibia has the same sort of history, but that's the biggest worry about Travis.

Number one on the list is Jurickson Profar of the Rangers.

In 2011 there were 7 Blue Jays on Law's list: Kyle Drabek (13th), Brett Lawrie (37th), Zach Stewart (44th), Travis d'Arnaud (57th), J.P. Arencibia (82nd), Adeiny Hechavarria (96th) and Aaron Sanchez (99th).

In 2012 there were 5: Travis d'Arnaud (6th), Drew Hutchison (42nd), Jake Marisnick (47th), Anthony Gose (59th) and Aaron Sanchez (96th).