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Chris Carpenter to Miss 2013 Season

Former Jay Chris Carpenter has arm pain and will miss the 2013 season.

Chris Carpenter
Chris Carpenter

Not really Blue Jay news but Chris did pitch for us, and, let's face it, we are lacking in news lately.

Chris Carpenter is going to miss the 2013 season after experiencing pain while throwing, as he was building up for spring training. I'd imagine he'll be retiring, he's 37 none.

You all know the story. Chris was a first round pick for the Blue Jays in 1993. Made it up to the Jays in 1997. He pitched 6 seasons with us, and wasn't great, 49-50 record (still good enough for 12th in wins in team history), 4.83. He was our opening day starter in 2002, but went on the DL after that start. He came back for 11 starts in June to August, then went back on the DL. He ended up having surgery to repair a labrum tear.

Since Chris was going to miss the 2003 season, the Jays decided to just offer him a minor league contract. He choose to become a free agent instead and signed with the Cardinals. It was an understandable decision on the part of the Blue Jays, Chris hadn't lived up to his ‘top prospect' status yet, and there was no way of knowing if he would come back strong after surgery. Labrum surgery is still an iffy thing for a pitcher. The Cardinals, on the other hand, were willing to take a gamble on him, paying him near the major league minimum for 2003.

It worked out well for the Cards. He went 95-44 for them with a 3.07 ERA, after sitting out the 2003 season. Chris won 1 Cy Young and came in 2nd and 3rd in voting. He also went 10-4 in the playoffs for St. Louis, 10-2 before last season, and helped the Cardinals win 2 World Series. All that explains why the Jays have given Dustin McGowan every chance to come back from his injuries.

I feel bad for the guy, he's had more than his share of arm troubles, but he can look back on a very good career.