Lind's Platoon Partner in AAA?

It appears the Jays plan to use Rajai Davis as Lind's primary platoon partner (if he is platooned hahahehe) and if that fails possibly DeRosa or Bonifacio. I was thinking they might be better served to have someone who is a more prototypical power hitter as the DH platoon. There is one player in AAA that fits this bill and has big time splits in a relatively small sample size, Moises Sierra. Last year in 91 AB vs RHP his line was .187/.237/.308/.545 which is pretty brutal but vs LHP was .286/.333/.482/.815 in 56 AB. Again this is a relatively small sample size but it's clear there is a bit time split here. Comparitively Rajai's line vs LHB .285/.345/.437/.783. They are similar but with more OB and speed and less power. I think i'de rather have Sierra in the field over Rajai also as a late inning replacement. As a defender he seems a bit stunned but has one of the best arms i've ever seen which could be useful in late inning situations as a replacement for Melky (if he's pinch ran for) or if they move Jose to first for an inning or two.

I, like most people, am not a fan of the Derosa signing and he seems like a no bat, 7 position, intagibles guy (Mike Mccoy anyone?) where they need more of a power bat. But based on previous years, there's a good chance he'll be injured most of the year and I hope we see Moises Sierra called up to platoon at DH cause at worst at least he actually looks like a DH, and totally that's worth a few wins right there.

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