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March Madness Fridays - Links Post is Back March 1, 2013

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Spring training isn't just for ballplayers as the weekend links post guy has awoken from his slumber and has put together some links for your amusement and edification.

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Sausage Fest Capers
Sausage Fest Capers


Jonah Keri on how the Blue Jays went from World Series champs to chumps to contenders - Grantland
The Toronto Blue Jays are poised to bring a winner back to a city that desperately needs one. Note: An excellent article, but part of it is painful to read for those of us who endured the Ash years.

Sergio Santos is hard to ignore in latest Toronto Blue Jays outing | MLB | Sports | National Post
With Casey Janssen on the slow track, Sergio Santos appears poised to provide the Toronto Blue Jays with an appealing option. Note: Error in the article. Santos allowed a hit, not perfect. He still threw very well.

No easy ride for Toronto Blue Jays in the AL East | MLB | Sports | National Post
Rory Barrs sez there is no rest for the blue birds, but any aware fan knew this already. Although I have to say it sometimes it doesn't pay to read the comments.

Blue Jays’ Melky Cabrera may not be out of the woods yet: union chief | MLB | Sports | National Post
John Lott looks at the Melky mess part 2.

Toronto Blue Jays can benefit now that New York Yankees enter 2013 looking extremely vulnerable: Griffin | Toronto Star
Griff looks at the Yanks and tries to make some Griff sense of them.

Already they’re ratcheting up the hard feelings in AL East - The Globe and Mail
Jeff Blair sez: It's on.

Blue Jays prospect Marcus Stroman says drug suspension ‘was an honest mistake,’ vows that height doesn’t measure heart: Griffin | Toronto Star
Griff talks to Marcus about the suspension.

Knuckleball brotherhood on the rise after R.A. Dickey’s success - The Globe and Mail
In a league filled with hard-throwing hurlers, mastering a slower, more unpredictable pitch seemed difficult to justify.

Ricky Romero Sinking and Not Sinking | FanGraphs Baseball
Ricky Romero is of tremendous interest, because what the hell happened?

The Blue Jay Hunter: The 2013 Toronto Blue Jays: Playoffs or Bust
Ian's Title Pretty Much Says It All

The Southpaw: Dunedin Dispatches: Week 2
Tammy looks at some of the interesting and strange items of Spring Training.


The Yankees Are So Evil They Sued For The Exclusive Right To Call Themselves Evil
Evil Enterprises Inc., owners of a website with the URL which currently will not load due to a malware warning—probably Yankee tampering—recently filed a trademark claim for the term "Baseballs Evil Empire," which was sniffed out and promptly disputed by the lawyers employed by Basbeball's Evil Empire. Even though the Yankees would never use the term to promote their team, they need to own it, because it exists.

Travis d’Arnaud off to solid start with Mets | Toronto Star
From Newsday: Travis d'Arnaud is looking good so far for the New York Mets.

Reliever Chad Cordero happy to be back in the major leagues | Toronto Star
Once the toast of baseball, former Toronto Blue Jay Chad Cordero has found that recovering from shoulder woes and personal tragedy has been a long but fulfilling journey.

Arizona’s McCarthy solid in first game since horrific head injury - The Globe and Mail
McCarthy had not taken the mound in a game since Sept. 5 when he was struck in the head by a line drive off the bat of the Angels’ Erick Aybar while pitching for Oakland, sustaining an epidural hemorrhage, brain contusion and skull fracture.

College Outfielder Makes Mind-Bending Diving Catch
You're going to have to watch this a few times, and even then you probably won't be able to properly wrap your mind around this insane catch from N.C. State center fielder Brett Williams. A full-speed diving catch that smoothly transitions into a mid-air somersault should be impossible to pull off, which is precisely what makes this clip so enjoyable. From Deadspin (sometimes NSFW)

Modern record-book marvels, pitching
Which recently established pitching records are likely to stand the test of time?

More unbreakable pitching records
Going back to the well with reader suggestions

Weird scoreboard facts
History, as seen on the scoreboard at Yankee Stadium

Drawing an ace
How soon can we tell when a pitcher has the potential to be an ace?

Three Incredibly Rare Error Cards | NotGraphs Baseball
For your amusement. Earlier today, Patrick Dubuque considered the particular charm of the error card. Here are three notable, and incredibly rare, examples of the genre.


One Of The Brewers' Racing Sausages Is Missing
Disaster in Milwaukee: Guido the Italian Sausage, pictured above to the far left, was last seen barhopping in a local suburb the weekend before last, only it's not clear who was wearing the $3,000 costume or where it went. From Deadspin (sometimes NSFW)

A Hero Emerges In The Milwaukee Racing Sausage-Napping [UPDATE]
We told you earlier today about the theft of beloved Brewers Italian racing sausage, Guido. The whereabouts of Guido and his thieving conspirators-t's got to be at least a two-man job at this point-remain a mystery. Their days may be numbered however thanks to one brave woman's plan: free mustard. From Deadspin (sometimes NSFW)

Milwaukee Brewers' sausage thieves reveal heist details
Milwaukee's wiener bandits reveal details of their first-ever sausage heist. From Deadspin (sometimes NSFW)

Today in Baseball History

Baseball History - March 1st - National Pastime - Baseball History
1969 Citing "I can't hit when I need to", Mickey Mantle announces his retirement thus ending his fabled Hall of Fame career. The oft-injured Yankee slugger ranks third, behind Babe Ruth and Willie Mays, on the All-time home run list with 536 round-trippers, and finishes his 18-year stay in the majors with a .298 batting average.

1987 Charlie Kerfeld and the Astros finally agree on a one-year deal worth $110,037.37 and 37 boxes of orange Jello. The Houston reliever, who wears number 37, insisted he earn more than teammate left-hander Jim DeShaies' $110,000 salary and wanted the gelatin for future pranks.

1993 Two and half years after accepting a life-long ban from being involved in the day-to-day operation with the team, Yankee owner George Steinbrenner is reinstated. 'The Boss' had been exiled from baseball by commissioner Fay Vincent in 1990 for hiring Howie Spira, a known gambler, to snoop into the life of star outfielder, Dave Winfield.