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Quick Recap: Brett Lawrie Homers, Jays win

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No pictures from today's game, here is a handsome fellow.
No pictures from today's game, here is a handsome fellow.

Rays 4 Blue Jays 5

Two wins in a row. Things are looking up.

Brett Lawrie homered for the first time this spring, a good sign. But then Emilio Bonifacio made two errors, promoting me to say, on Twitter, that I was backing the wrong horse. But really we are just a week into spring, the Jays coaches have a month to work with Bonifacio. And at least Emilo has had some hits. And it isn't like Izturis has been error free. He made his second spring error today. Totals after a week, 3 errors for Emilio, 2 for Izturis.

A slightly better outing for Mark Buehrle than his first. He's the last one on the staff that we should be judging on his first two appearances. He went 2 innings, 3 hits, 2 walks, 2 k, 1 earned. Darren Oliver had his second time out of the spring and pitched a clean inning.

The rest of the pitchers:

  • Michael Schwimer (just one m, remember that Tom): 1.0, 1 hit, 1 k.
  • Sean Nolin: 1.0, 2 hits, 2 earned, 1 walk, 1 k.
  • Dave Bush: 1.0, clean. He gets the win.
  • Mickey Storey: 1.0, 2 hits, 1 earned, 1 walk, 1 k.
  • Juan Perez: 1.0, clean.
  • Neil Wagner: 1.0, 1 hit, 2 k.

On the offensive side, there were some signs of life too. Lawrie and Richardo Nanita homered. Doubles for Sierra and Anderson.

Starting lineup, plus a couple:

  • Anthony Gose: 2 for 4, steal and a caught stealling. 417.
  • Emilio Bonifacio: 0 for 2, strikeout. .200. Plus the 2 errors.
  • Maicer Izturis: 0 for 2, walk. .000. 1 error.
  • Jose Bautista: 0 for 2, walk, k. .077.
  • Adam Lind: 1 for 3. .462.
  • J.P. Arencibia: 1 for 2, .385.
  • A.J. Jimenez: 0 for 2, k. .000.
  • Brett Lawrie: 1 for 2, home run. .333.
  • Andy LaRoche: 1 for 2. .357.
  • Moises Sierra: 1 for 2, double, k. .300.
  • Adam Loewen: 1 for 2. .125.
  • Richardo Nanita: 1 for 2, home run.

Both Saturday and Sunday's games are on Sportsnet, unless they preempt them with Yankee games, a home and road series with spring neighbours Philadelphia Phillies. Both games are a 1:00 start.